05 Jul '18


Several people ‘see’ or ‘know’ that a big universal transformation is going on from the material era (Pisces) to the spiritual era (Aquarius).

Through education, study, exchange of thoughts, exercises, reflection and stillness I allowed myself to embrace this paradigm shift and enclosed it in my heart. Despite of the tremendous counter veiling powers I know in my deepest self that this shift is going on.

For me this new ‘world’ will be characterized by the revelation/manifestation of beauty in ourselves, in the nature and in the cosmos. When you are open to it and ‘seeing with your heart’ you will notice that an abundance of this beauty is already there. Maybe we could call the new era: ‘The New or Real Enlightenment’.

Of course I see the resistance, the overpopulation, the abuse of power, corruption, the influence of money, the intense struggle of people to keep their head above the water, the poverty, the wars, etc. and that’s why I know that it is actually overbearing to start and feed this exchange. Yet I dare to post it, maybe because inside I feel a deep desire to bring to manifestation the mentioned beauty and give it a change to rise and shine in her/his full glory.

I would appreciate to have a respectful conversation and exchange of thoughts with you my friends, colleagues and followers.

My question is what you can share here under the blogpost about this Big Change — I mean from out of your inner experience and inner world?

I wish you all love, light and laughter, Kees

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